June 10, 2003

Over the Sierra Madre to Durango

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The road from Mazatlan to Durango is very twisty and full of trucks
It was a very foggy day. The visibility here was an exception
There were cows by the side of the road. They can be real hazards
You can see the road cutting through the mountain side.
This was the type of visibility for much of the way
Am I in Colorado? At the highest elevation, the vegetation is mostly pine
Oh, oh. These dark clouds are not a good sign. I waited for an hour, but the clouds didn't really move. Weird.
There was a flash flood that covered parts of the road in Llano Grande. Further up the road I encountered hail!
One of the many log trucks that made the trip so difficult
Very beautiful! The sky over Durango as I approached the city
Close to Durango there is another rain cloud

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